Checklist : Bhoomi Pooja


Use this checklist to perform “Bhoomi Pooja” as per indian tradition, before starting any construction work on a vacant land.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Site is clean, including removal of bushes, rubbish generated from demolishing of any structures etc.
2Invitations are sent to all clients.
3Advertisements, if required, are published.
4Flexible banner, if required, is installed.
5Garland for flex.
6Company banner to be displayed.
7Site direction boards fixed at approprite locations.
8Pandal arrangements done with chairs and tables.
9Good cateror contracted for arrangement of refreshments.
10Site entry and boundary outline marked with chalkpowder.
11Arrangement of good bricks, pooja photo, sweets, vessels and pooja material with priest.
12Arrangment of project photos, album, brochures, document book, enquiry notebook, ISO certificates and quality policy etc.
13Light and music arrangement done.