Sample Construction Specification for a Bungalow



This Estimate is inclusive of

  1. Earth work excavation in all types of soil to the required depth.
  2. Providing 4 ½” thickness of sand filling.
  3. PCC 1:4:8- 4 ½” thick .
  4. RCC framed structure  as per structural Drawing for Footing, Column, Plinth Beam, Lintel, Sunshade, Roof Beam and Slab.
  5. Brick work in CM1:6 for basement and superstructure.
  6. Basement 2’.0” – 2’ 6” height,  filling the basement with quarry dust /  Moorum, sand filling and PCC  leveling course for flooring,.
  7. Finishing the internal surface of brick masonry with  CM 1:5 – 15mm thick, External surface with CM 1: 5 -20mm thick, finishing all RCC exposed surfaces with CM 1:3 -12 mm thick.
  8. Roof top finished with weathering course with Brick bats lime Concrete and covered with one layer of Country tiles set in CM 1:4, including cost of Anti – termite treatment and finishing items as follows

‘A’ Schedule

House Specification


RCC framed structure for G + 1 Floor.


2’.0” – 2’ 6”height from the natural ground level depending on the site condition.  Any increase in basement height will be charged separately


Vitrified tiled flooring for Hall, Dining & Bed room. (Tile Rate as per Annexure ‘A’ )

Marble for Staircase (only for internal staircase).


Flooring with ceramic tiles, polished granite for platform with one Number of Single Bowl Stainless steel sink.1’6”height wall dado over platform with glazed tiles. (Tile Rate as per Annexure ‘A’ )


Anti skid Ceramic tiled flooring and glazed designer tiled dado Up to 7’0” height.  Jaguar/ Equivalent CP fittings, Hind ware / Parry ware / Cera sanitary fittings (White).  (Tile rates as per Annexure ‘A’)


Main door with teakwood frame and Paneled shutter, Rest of the door frames are Irulai / vengai wood with flush shutter lamination finish. Window frames and shutters in vengai / Irulai / padak wood, glazed with 5mm thick glass.


Hardware: Stainless Steel.

Windows: If Total Area of the Windows exceeds 16% of total Construction area, then the excess area will be charged separately. (Excluding Porch)


Electrical Points will be provided as Per Annexure ‘B’ for the area included in the drawing.

a)   Switches : Modular

b)   AC points : In all Bed Rooms

c)   Geyser Points : In all Toilets


Internal walls are finished with 2 coats of putty, one coat of Primer and two coats of emulsion paint.

External walls are finished with Exterior Emulsion paint.

Staircase Handrail

MS Grill with Teak Wood Top (Only for internal Staircase)

Car Porch

Flooring with Vitro crystal tile / Kota Stone

Annexure ‘A’

Basic price of the materials inclusive of taxes.

Cement Rs. /Bag
Steel Rs. /Kg
Sand Rs. /Unit
Vitrified Tiles Rs. /Sq.Feet
Ceramic Tiles Rs. /Sq.Feet
Toilet Wall Tile Rs. /Sq.Feet
Toilet Floor Tile Rs. /Sq.Feet

Electrical Points

Sr. Location 5A 15A Tel. TV AC
1 Porch 2
2 Verandah 2
3 Foyar 2
4 Formal Living Room 9 1 1 1
5 Dining Hall 7 1
6 Pooja Room 3
7 Common Washbasin 1
8 Kitchen 7 2
9 Utiity 2 1
10 Store 1
11 Bed Room 9 1 1 1
12 Bath Room (Bed Room) 1 1
13 W.C. (Bed Room) 2
14 Study Area 9 1
15 Staircase Area 2 Way (1 x 2) 1
16 Lounge 9 1 1 1
17 Walk in Wardrobe 2
18 Bed Room 9 1 1 1
19 Bath Room (Bed Room) 1 1
20 W.C. (Bed Room) 2
21 Open Terrace 2
22 Outer Point 4
Total 87 10 4 1 4

The above electrical points will be provided only when the location shown in the drawing.

Notes :

  • The project will be completed in … months from the mutually agreed start date. (The Floor should be finalized before the start date).
  • Any changes required in the floor plan after finalizing, will further delay the project completion date and the contractor is not responsible for such delay in handover.
  • Contractor is not responsible for any delay due to outside agencies/Contractor engaged directly by the Client.
  • Contractor is not responsible for any delay due to natural calamities like flood, fire, earth quake, tsunami and act of God.
  • Site cleaning charges will be extra if required.
  • Soil Test/Water Test Charges will be extra if required
  • Electrical main board, meter box and connection from main line will be charged extra.
  • Inventor/ UPS/ Genset lines will be charged extra.
  • MCB and Three Phase Change Over switches will be charged separately.
  • The above estimate does not include electrical fittings like Fan, Lights, etc.
  • Water and electricity to be supplied by client at free of cost.
  • Compound wall and gate extra.
  • Soil filling All around the building will be charged additionally
  • Elevation works & landscaping works will be charged additionally.
  • The estimated cost is inclusive of material and labour. Supply of client material will not be Accepted.
  • Plan Approval cost will be extra if required.
  • When outside agencies/contractors engaged directly by the client for completing any work and if there is no work for the contractor till the completion of work by the other agencies, Idling charges will be collected additionally for formwork materials/ equipments and for security for such period.
  • If the work is temporarily suspended by the client on his/her own will, Idling charges will be collected additionally for formwork materials/equipments and for Supervisor and security for such period.
  • The estimated cost is based on the current market price as per Annexure ‘A’ and any increase will be charged separately
  • The final construction cost of the building, OHT, Sump and Septic Tank will be arrived as per the physical measurement on completion of construction. If the area increases the client should bear the difference in cost and if the area decreases the difference in cost will be adjusted in the final payment.
  • Providing security to the site during the period of construction is under the sole discretion of the contractor and security service can be terminated without any notice to the client.
  • Safety Grill Gates, Steel Staircase/Ladder will be additionally


Client                              Contractor