Checklist : Detention Pond Design and Calculations


This checklist contains list of points to consider while designing of a Detention Pond and its related calculations.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Detention pond design calculations shown, method used specified.
2Provide detention pond volume sizing calculations and/or computation table.
3Provide stage-discharge table and/or curve information.
4Provide weir and/or orifice sizing calculations for outfall structure.
5Existing and proposed contours shown and labeled.
6Cross-section of pond including side slopes, normal pool elevation (if applicable), show 100-yr WSE, 25-yr WSE, 10-yr WSE, and 2-yr WSE
7Detail of pond outfall structure showing all elevations as necessary.
8Trash rack (and detail) provided for smaller orifice openings.
9Overflow spillway location and design information provided.
10Erosion Hazard Setback Easement and 100-yr floodplain(s) shown as applicable.
11Show and label all existing/proposed utilities and easements.
12Access/maintenance ramp provided (max slope 6:1).