Checklist : RCC Reinforcement


RCC Reinforcement frame must be properly assembled with proper bar diameters, spacing, external clearances etc. to ensure good quality and safety of RCC member. Following checklist helps ensure just that.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Reinforcement steel placed as per structural drawing
2Bar bending schedule prepared.
3Connection of bars to existing dowels checked for alignment.
4Placing of bar diameter, number, spacing match with the construction schedule.
5Check rebars are straight.
6Check hooks and bends are placed as specified by structural designer.
7Lap length, position of lap is ok.
8Check the clear cover.
9Check cover blocks are enough.
10Maintain records and getting approval for additional reinforcement not shown in drawings.
11To check the construction joint for proper concrete bonding before placing reinforcement.
12Check for test reports for steel and approved brand.
13Identification color coding ok.
14Check the rebars are rust free.
15Check the rebars are crack free.
16Check minimum 1 inch clear distance is maintained between two bars.
17Check the rods are tied properly with binding wire.