Checklist : Masonary Brick Work


SrCheck ItemDone
1Availability of material as per daily requirement & test reports.
2Cleaning work area off loose material/concrete.
3Proper stacking of bricks/blocks.
4Quality of bricks/sand, tests performed and ok?
5Wetting of bricks.
6Door frames, if any, erected in position.
7Line out rechecked? (Room dimension, diagonals, alignment with one layer of brick work, Door opening position and verticality etc.
8Check mortar preparation and provision of platform.
9Check mortar thickness.
10Check plumb.
11Check finished level / Right angle/ Porportion of mix.
12Check hacking / conduit/ silt content in sand.
13Cleaning of dead mortar done.
14Curing and raking completed.
15Provision of patti done.
16Any additions and alterations done.
17Proper pointing, packing and finishing done.