Checklist : Sanitary Sewer Plan


This checklist ensures all necessary information is included in Sanitary Sewer Plan such as manhole elevations, line routing, line elevations, line numbering etc.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Plan View : Show and label all existing and proposed utilities
2Plan View : Dimension location of all mains from other utilities
3Plan View : Label line name, size, and type of all proposed sanitary sewer lines
4Plan View : Stubouts labeled with size, slope, length, and flowline elevations (if not profiled)
5Plan View : Show and label all easements
6Plan View : Show centerline stationing for sanitary sewer
7Plan View : Show and label all manholes with rim elevations, as well as cleanouts
8Plan View : Indicate type and size of encasement where needed
9Plan View : Show flow direction arrows for sewer main
10Plan View : Topographic contours shown tPlan View : delineate sewer basins
11Profile View : Profile shown for all mains 8" and larger, or where a potential conflict may arise
12Profile View : Existing and proposed ground line at centerline of pipe shown and labeled
13Profile View : Label station and flowline elevation information for all manholes, cleanouts, crossings, laterals
14Profile View : Label flowlines at every 50 foot station
15Profile View : Manhole inflow and outflow elevations tProfile View : be designed with a minimum of 0.1' drop
16Profile View : Indicate the type and diameter for all manholes
17Profile View : Indicate length, type/class, slope and size of all sanitary sewer pipe between manholes
18Profile View : All utility crossings and parallel storm lines shown in profile
19Profile View : Indicate length, type and size of encasement as needed