Checklist : Grading Plan


This checklist provides lit of information that must be provided in a Site Grading Plan so that proper grading work can be carried out as per project specifications and applicable local/international codes and standards.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Existing and proposed contours at 1 foot intervals are shown.
2Proposed contours tie back in to existing contours.
3Provide a letter of permission for offsite grading if necessary.
4Maximum slope for grading is 3:1 (33%).
5Maximum slope for fire lane is 6% (16.67:1) longitudinally and 4% (25:1) across.
6Lot-to-lot drainage is not allowed in residential developments.
7Retaining walls must be shown on the grading plan. A sealed wall detail must be provided.
8Retaining walls shall not run longitudinally within utility or drainage easements.
9Clearly show all walls and label top/bottom elevations of wall at key locations.
10Finished Floor Elevations (on plat) are a minimum of 2 feet above the adjacent ultimate 100-year WSE.
11Guardrail required when slopes exceeding 3:1, walls, or other obstructions are within 30 feet of roadways or driveways.
12Both onsite and offsite existing/proposed contours shown clearly labeled.
13Date and name of firm who prepared geotechnical report with corresponding note stating: "Work shall be done in accordance with the Geotechnical Report by ______, dated ______."
14Drainage clarified by flow arrows, high points, sags, ridges, and valley gutters.
15Show driveway locations for all lots adjacent to storm inlets.
16Show drop grade beams and elevations as needed.
17Positive overflow provided at all low points, easements dedicated as needed.
18Finished pad and/or floor elevations shown.
19Minimum finished floor elevations shown adjacent to floodplains, ponds, creeks/channels, etc.
20FEMA 100-yr floodplain and Fully Developed 100-yr floodplain delineated.
21Cross-sections and flow data for all swales and open channels provided.
22Spot shots shown to ensure proper drainage and adequate ADA/TAS routing where applicable.