Checklist : Granite / Marble Laying


This checklist provides list of things to take be taken care of before, during and after the Granite or Marble laying work is carried out.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Before : Cleaning slab off loose mortar / material, Button marking.
2Before : Availability of material - sand, tiles.
3Before : Proper stacking of Granite / Marble.
4Before : Quality of Granite / Marble / sand.
5During : Drg. No. / date as per which pattern given / starting point.
6During : Line / level fixed, checked and slopes as per requirement.
7During : Proportion of bedding mortar mixing in A/2 tray.
8During : Check for grinding and polishing process.
9During : Clearing of joints / workmanship / any nosing particularly for washbasin and kitchen counter.
10After : No material stacked after fixing? (Crack or any damage)
11After : Finished surface cleaned properly before polishing.
12After : Check for any hollow sound.
13After : Replace craked granite/marble.
14After : Curing for four days after laying.