Checklist : Tiling


This check includes points to be taken into consideration before, during and after the process of tiling of walls and floor.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Before : Check for any additions and alterations.
2Before : Cleaning slab off loose mortar and material.
3Before : Check for levels, Button marking and mortar thickness.
4Before : Availability of material - sand, tiles.
5Before : Proper stacking of tiles.
6Before : Quality of tiles / sand.
7Before : Check for any platform, B/W for wardrobe area.
8During : Drg. No. / date as per which pattern given / starting point.
9During : Line / level fixed, checked and slopes as per requirement.
10During : Check difference in color shade of tiles and replace with same batch / lot.
11During : Proportion of bedding mortar mixing in A/2 tray.
12During : Clearing waste tiles / mortar.
13During : Clearing for joints / workmanship.
14During : Check for skirting for projection, right angle etc.
15After : No material stacked after fixing? (Crack or any damage)
16After : Tile surface cleaned properly before starting first coat.
17After : Check for any hollow sound.
18After : Cracked tiles should be replaced if any.
19After : Check the pointing and grouting materials.
20After : Curing for four days after grouting i.e. first coat.