Checklist : Excavation


Following checklists specifies various precautions and steps to be taken during excavation work so that good quality work is achieved with attention to HSE.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Are there any underground utilities like sewers, water pipelines, cables?
2If yes above, bring to the notice of the project manager and adequate precautions to be taken while excavation.
3Check wheter the excavated pits are adequately shored/timbered?
4Are the excavated areas provided with fences / barricades?
5Are the excavated material kept from the edge of the pit/trench by at least 1 meter.
6Are the heavy equipment such as cranes, shovels, backtoe loaders etc. kept away at least 6 meters from the edge of excavated pit?
7Are danger signs provided near the excavated area?
8Means of access and exit from the work area provided?
9Check set out.
10Check excavation size with tolerance (offset)
11Check for loose materials / loose soil.
12Check bottom of excavation (indicate proposed GL/Basement level with respect to existing road)