Checklist : Pre Concreting


This checklist provides list of things to do before starting process of concreting a slab, beams, columns so that no stoppage of work happens during concrete. It is essential to complete concreting of a particular section in one go.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Check all required materials and tools are available at site.
2If you plan to pour concrete at night, check required lighting arrangement is available.
3Check all service line (electrical, sanitary and plumbing, etc.) which go through the RCC member are properly done.
4Check formwork supports again that those are intact and not displaced.
5Check surface preparation.
6Check for form work / stagging.
7Conduits / Ducts opening / insert plates provided.
8Check for provision of vibrators.
9Working condition of mixer / vibrators checked and gaps between plates in mixer drum to be checked.
10Access platform and walkways if required are provided.
11Check reinforcement as per drawing.
12Check embedded parts.
13Check cover for reinforcement.
14Check plumb.
15Check reduced levels
16Check for concrete (Pour card)