Checklist : Storm Water Plan


This checklists ensures all required information is included in Storm Water Plan for the city or industrial facility.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Plan View : Show and label all existing and proposed utilities.
2Plan View : Dimension location/spacing of utilities.
3Plan View : Label inlet type, size, paving station, and top of curb elevation at a minimum.
4Plan View : Label type and size of existing/proposed structures (i.e. headwalls, manholes/junction boxes)
5Plan View : Label type, size and dimensions of all permanent outfall erosion protection.
6Plan View : Show centerline stationing for pipe with PC & PT stations and curve data.
7Plan View : Label centerline stations for lateral connections, manhole & junction box locations, pipe size changes, headwalls, and future stub out connections.
8Plan View : 100-yr gutter flows and bypass shown at each inlet along public streets and fire lanes.
9Plan View : FEMA 100-yr floodplain and Fully Developed 100-yr floodplain shown.
10Plan View : Provide applicable construction details for all drainage structures.
11Profile View : Existing and proposed ground line at centerline of pipe shown and labeled correctly
12Profile View : Show all hydraulic data including pipe flow, pipe capacity, hydraulic slope, velocity, velocity head, and partial flow data if under partial flow conditions (velocity and flow depth).
13Profile View : Label station and flowline elevation information for all structures, crossings, laterals, etc.
14Profile View : Label flowlines at every 50 foot station.
15Profile View : Indicate length, type/class, slope and size of all storm pipes.
16Profile View : Show and label 100-yr and/or 10-yr HGL, label HGL elevations at all junctions.
17Profile View : All utility crossings and parallel sewer lines shown in profile.
18Profile View : 100-yr WSE shown at outfall for ponds, creeks and channels.