Checklist : Paving Plan


This checklist for Paving Plan Drawing lists out all information that must be included in this drawing so that proper quality work can be carried out as per applicable standards.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Plan View : For all new streets, a site specific geotechnical evaluation and pavement design submitted with plans
2Plan View : Typical Pavement Section details shown (fire lane, parking areas, streets, subgrade, etc.)
3Plan View : For streets, centerline stationing at every 100', PC's, PT's, and curve data labeled
4Plan View : Intersection, driveway and island curb radii labeled
5Plan View : All sidewalks and barrier free ramps shown, labeled and dimensioned
6Plan View : Existing, proposed, future streets and drives shown and labeled
7Plan View : Right-of-way corner clips and sight visibility easements provided
8Plan View : Storm inlets identified with paving stations and top of curb elevations at center of inlet.
9Plan View : Drainage clarified by flow arrows at crests, sags, ridges, intersections, and valley gutters
10Plan View : Show driveway locations for all lots adjacent to storm inlets
11Plan View : Guardrail required when slopes exceeding 3:1, walls, or other obstructions are within 30' of roadways or driveways.
12Plan View : Typical section is provided for each roadway type to be constructed.
13Profile View : Existing ground line for left, right, and center of right-of-way shown
14Profile View : Proposed top of curb line shown for all public streets, proposed invert line shown for all alleys
15Profile View : Show right and left top of curbs at intersections where split grade occurs
16Profile View : Top of curb/pavement elevations labeled at every 50 foot stations
17Profile View : Vertical Curve stationing and elevations including PVC, PVI, PVT, crest/sag location, curve length, algebraic grade difference, and
18Profile View : "K" values shown at a minimum
19Profile View : Street grades shown to the nearest 0.01'. Max and min grades per street design manual
20Profile View : Show "compacted fill" callout/note for all areas of fill