Checklist : Wall Painting


This checklist ensures all necessary preparation is done and precautions are taken before, during and after wall painting work.

SrCheck ItemDone
1Plaster curing period completed.
2No wall cracks.
3Paint material as per approved make.
4Color shade approved.
5Walls cleaned with scrapping and surface finishing done.
6Dampness and leakages identified and repaired.
7Primary coat applied.
8Coats applied as per specification.
9Other materials covered neatly with masking tape (protection of other materials from damage like electrical switches plate, door/window joints, glass partitions, wardrobes)
10Check for number of coats applied and final touch up work completed.
11Check for overall coverage.
12Check for brush marks.
13Flooring, window, door glasses and joinery fitting cleaned after painting.
14No incomplete painting.
15Addition and alteration in painting done.
16Floor polishing before final coat done in case of marble flooring.