Civil Engineering MCQ on Building Construction 02


Test your knowledge about Civil Engineering  РBuilding Construction by taking this Multi Choice Question (MCQ) quiz. Get your score and actual answers at the end of this quiz.

1. The entrained concrete is used in lining walls and roofs for making
heat insulated
sound insulated
neither (a) nor (b)
both (a) and (b).
2. The pile which is provided with a bulb filled with concrete at its lower end, is known as
Simplex pile
Mac-Arthur pile
Raymond pile
Franki pile
3. In case of multi-storeyed buildings, the forms to be removed first are
sides of beams and girders
column forms
bottom of beams and girders
all the above at the same time.
4. The maximum permissible deflection of a timber beam supporting a roof, is
5. The angular steps used for changing direction of the stairs, are called
round steps
angular steps
radial steps
6. A projecting piece usually provided to support a truss, is
7. The line of intersection of the surfaces of a sloping roof forming an external angle exceeding 180?, is
none of these.
8. A solid core of rock is formed in side the cylinder in the case of
auger boring
percussion drilling
diamond drilling
wash boring.
9. The single stage well point system of dewatering an excavation can be used if the depth of excavation does not exceed
5 m
10 m
15 m
20 m
10. The piece of a brick cut with its one corner equivalent to half the length and half the width of a full brick, is known as
queen closer
bevelled closer
king closer
half king closer
11. The brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face of a wall, is known as
none of these.
12. A wooden block hinged on post outside a door, is known
none of these.
13. In horizontal D.P.C, thickness of cement concrete (1 : 2 : 4) is
2 cm
4 cm
6 cm
8 cm
14. Which one of the following factors is considered for the orientation of buildings :
the direction of the prevailing winds in the area
the exposure of the walls and roof of the buildings to the rays of sun
the extent up to which the sunrays penetrate with the verandah.
all the above.
15. Which one of the following rocks is used for monumental buildings :
sand stone
16. The Auger borings are not common
in soils that require lateral support
in cohesive soils
in soft soils
none of the above.
17. The form work from the underside of slabs, can be removed only after
1 day
4 day
7 day
14 day
18. Arches in the form of masonry arcs struck from more than four centres, are called
two curved arches
gothic arches
ogee arches
drop gothic arches.
19. Cast iron piles
are suitable for works under sea water
resist shocks or vibrations
are suitable for use as batter piles
are useful for heavy vertical loads.


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