List of Indian Standards for Cement


Check out this List of Indian Standards for Cement as Construction Material in Civil Engineering.

1IS : 12269Specifications for 53 grade Ordinary Portland Cement.
2IS : 12330Specifications for SRPC (sulphate resistant portland cement).
3IS : 1489Specifications for PPC (Portland pozzolana cement).
4IS : 269Specifications for 33 grade Ordinary Portland Cement.
5IS : 3466Specifications for masonry cement.
6IS : 4031Chemical analysis and tests on cement.
7IS : 455Specifications for PSC (Portland slag cement).
8IS : 6452Specifications for HAC for structural use (high alumina cement).
9IS : 6909Specifications for SSC (super sulphated cement).
10IS : 8041Specifications for RHPC (Rapid Hardening Portland cement).
11IS : 8112Specifications for 43 grade Ordinary Portland Cement.