List of Indian Standards for Construction


Check out this List of miscellaneous Indian Standards for Civil Engineering Construction.

1IS : 1077Specification for bricks for masonary work.
2IS : 12118Specification for polysulphide sealants.
3IS : 12200Specification for PVC water bars.
4IS : 2074Specifications for prime coat for structural steel.
5IS : 2116Permissible clay, silt & fine dust contents in sand.
6IS : 2250Compressive strength test for cement mortar cubes.
7IS : 2430Methods of sampling.
8IS : 2932Specification for synthetic enamal paint for structural steel.
9IS : 3025Tests on water samples.
10IS : 3495Methods of testing of bricks.
11IS : 4082Specifications for storage of materials.
12IS : 4990Specification for plywood formwork for concrete.
13IS : 5454Methods of smapling of bricks for tests.