Repair Procedure for RCC Member of a Structure


RCC Structures are prone to water damage in Rainy Areas due to water seepage in structure through surface cracks developed over time. Main reason of cracks is external temperature variations throughout the day. Water entered inside the RCC structure corrodes the steel members and bonding between steel members and cement concrete gets damaged thereby severely reducing its strength.

Procedure commonly applied now a days involves polymer chemicals to repair damage and prevent further water ingress.

  1. First remove all loose plaster from RCC beam, column, slab etc.
  2. Apply Rust removal chemical to steel bars using cottom waster swab.
  3. After 24 hours, clean the reinforcement with wire brush or tap gently with wooden strip or inverted chisel.
  4. Apply passivator coat and cement slurry in 1:1 proporton to the chemically de-rusted surface of the steel.
  5. Wet the concrete surface.
  6. Immediately apply a bonding coat of Acrylic based Polymer and Cement Slurry in 1:1 proportion to the concrete by brush.
  7. Immediately place polymer modified morter in C:S ratio of 1:5:15, prepared by mixing of Acrylic based polymer per bag of cement and water to desired consistency.

Rust Remover