Self Compacting Concrete


The concrete where no vibration is required. The concrete is compacted due to its own weight. It is also called self consolidated concrete or flowing concrete. It can be also categorized as high performance concrete as the ingredients are the same, but in this type of concrete workability is increased. This self-consolidating concrete is characterized by:

Extreme fluidity as measured by flow, typically between 650-750 mm on a flow table, rather than slump (height).

No need for vibrators to compact the concrete.

Placement being easier.

No bleed water, or aggregate segregation.

Uses and Applications of Self Compacting Concrete:
It is used in location unreachable for vibrations. e.g. underground structure, deep wells or at bottom of deep sea.
SCC can save up to 50% in labor costs due to 80% faster pouring and reduced wear and tear on formwork.